What should be paid attention to in the process of using the radiator?

One the radiator valve is not optional switch: heating system first use, will need to debug, will each radiator valve adjust to the appropriate position, once the completion of debugging, the valve is not optional switch, in case the valve fracture, leakage accident.

Two, not at will change the position of the radiator: the radiator is installed in the position conducive to indoor heating, can ensure that the air convection and indoor temperature is relatively balanced in all aspects, once changed the position will form the imbalance of indoor temperature, it is easy to leak, cause unnecessary losses to the home.

Three, prohibited items shielding radiator: radiator around as far as possible to retain a certain space, it is best not to add a radiator cover, not on the radiator or before the accumulation of items, otherwise it will affect the normal heating effect of the radiator.

Four, the first heating must exhaust: radiator used for the first time, pipeline internal will there is a lot of air, on the premise of not deflated radiator internal pressure is too big, hot water is unable to enter the pipe, so, need all the backlog of air pipe discharge, reduce the pressure inside the system, to make room for the hot water, so that the heating system to normal operation. If there is too much air in the radiator, it is easy to cause air jam, and it is difficult to heat the radiator.