Why Cast Iron Radiators Are Energy Efficient

Why Cast Iron Radiators Are Energy Efficient

Modern designs of cast iron radiators are super energy efficient simply because of what they are made of – which is a heavy metal material. This means the radiator heats up slightly slower but when they reach the required temperature; the warm radiated is a lot more evenly around the room. When they are turned off, they retain their heat for a lot longer, radiating warmth until they slowly cool down. In short, a modern cast iron radiator is far more energy efficient than any modern equivalent aluminium or steel radiator. Energy efficient equals energy saving and this equates to lower monthly energy bills. Cast iron radiators in a home offer cost conscious people a win-win situation several times over.

When it comes to heat output, research has shown that heat is more evenly spread on heavier metal and as such a cast iron radiator diffuses an ambient heat over a longer period of time than a steel radiator ever could. As a bonus, your boiler will do that much better if you install cast iron radiators into a property simply because the water temperature that returns to the boiler is always hotter. This naturally means your boiler is more energy efficient and that it provides a lot better energy efficient heating around your home. Your boiler won’t have to work as hard to keep the water temperature at the right levels.


There are many benefits to having modern cast iron radiators fitted into a property. Not only do they add a lot of style to the home, but provide an energy efficient heat source that results in lower energy bills. Cast iron radiators look great and save on energy use which means they are unbeatable as heat sources in the home.